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Wire Rolling Machine

In metalworking, rolling is a metal shaping procedure in which metal stock is gone through at least one sets of moves to diminish the thickness and to make the thickness uniform that can be performed with our Wire Rolling Machine. The idea is like the moving of batter. Rolling is grouped by the temperature of the metal rolled. In the event that the temperature of the metal is over its recrystallization temperature. When the temperature of the metal is underneath its recrystallization temperature, the procedure is known as cool rolling that can be done in Wire Rolling Machine.

Key Features:
  • Rolls are produced using properly solidified steel
  • Created utilizing most recent apparatuses and propelled innovation
  • Speedier speed on clients' demand
  • Engraved extra move fitting choice in the expanded part

Zinc Alloy Wire Rolling Machine

  • Product Type:Zinc Alloy Wire Rolling Machine
  • Usage:Industrial
  • Warranty:01 year

Aluminum Alloy Wire Rolling Machine

  • Product Type:Aluminum Alloy Wire Rolling Machine
  • Wire Material:Copper Wire
  • Warranty:01 year
  • Usage:Industrial

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