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Welcome To Hangzhou Xingguan Machinery Co. Ltd.

Providing all types of Wire Drawing Machines, Cable/Wire Processing Machines, Wire Respooling Machine etc...

Who We Are

Our company, Hangzhou Xingguan Machinery Co. Ltd., is an expert metal wire machine supplier in China with 20+ years of manufacturing experience. We supply Dry type Wire Drawing Machine, Wet type Wire Drawing Machine, Mechanical Wire Descaler, Spooling Respooling Machine, Wire Coating Machine, and many more products to the customers at reasonable prices. We offer turn-key project production line construction and design, including automatic machine supply, technical know-how transfer, and customer employee training. The following industries are where we concentrate our efforts.

  • Aluminum welding wire manufacturing line
  • Automatic Layer winding machine or Re-spooling line
  • Drum pail packaging machine
  • High/Low/Middle Carbon steel wire drawing line
  • High-speed copper coating plant for CO2 wire
  • MIG and CO2 welding wire manufacturing plant
  • SAW welding wire production line
  • Steel Wire rod cleaning system
  • Wire rolling machine
  • Zinc alloy/Zinc wire production line

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