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Aluminium Alloy Wire Drawing Machine

Aluminium Alloy Wire Drawing Machine is furnished with an advanced machine shop with an armada of CNC turning focuses and machining focuses, dynamic adjusting machines, refined estimating and review offices and a manufacturing shop outfitted with PUG cutting machine and SAW welding offices. It incorporates office for plan and assembling of Electrical boards. Aluminium Alloy Wire Drawing Machine has exceedingly gifted labor to deliver a portion of the best machines in the business. Utilized for drawing fine wires and have the kicks the bucket submerged in greasy cleanser arrangement, which goes about as an ointment and also coolant.
Product Image (LLT-12-300)

Aluminum Alloy Wire Intermediate Drawing Machine

Key Points :

  • Render quality as well as precision in modern-day aluminum products.
  • Different drives for increased flexibility.
  • Provide flexibility as well as advanced tensile strength.

Product Image (LLT-8-450)

Aluminum alloy welding wire break down machine

Key Points :

  • Provided with break down system that insure efficient operation.
  • Has flexibility as well as operational uniformity.
  • Appreciated for speedy functional procedures.

Product Image (84631020)

Aluminum Wire Drawing Machine

Key Points :

  • Feature the integrated continuous annealer.
  • Different drives for highest flexibility.
  • Have operational fluency in all working conditions. 

Product Image (LLT-13-400)

Aluminum Break Down Machine with double spool

Key Points :  

  • Featured with double spools for efficient operation.
  • Provided flexibility with speed.
  • Comprehended for functional procedures. 

Product Image (LLT-15-350)

Aluminum Wire Break Down Drawing and Spooling Machine

Key Points :  

  • Provide quality as well as precision in modern-day copper and aluminum.
  • cables.
  • Made in conformity with industrial standards.
  • Supply flexibility as well as high tensile strength.


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