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Wire Coating Machine

PVC Links are utilized in Wire Coating Machine for control dissemination in a wide range of electrical wiring, control links, Phone links and motioning in Railroads. With the improvement of a modern area and with an increment in control age, the request of the link will be more. The execution patterns of this industry demonstrate an extremely promising situation as far as new limit creation and use. The fundamental reason being the development of endues industry to be specific, building and development because of forceful exercises in this division. The Wire Coating Machine standpoint along these lines additionally demonstrates great potential.
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Multi Line Copper Wire Coating Machine

Key Points :

  • Utilized for CO2 welding wire copper coating.
  • Designed to apply tothe opencast of the wire.
  • Provided with accurate speed.

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Single Line Copper Wire Coating Machine

Key Points :

  • Provided with speed & precision.
  • Have consistency in operational activities.
  • Reliable operation & durability. 

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Zinc Wire Melting Furnace

Key Points :

  • For the melting, traction and casting of zinc.
  • Has high precision as well as reliable performance.
  • Efficiency in operation & maintenance. 

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High Speed Single Line Copper Coating System

Key Points :

  • Made to attain excellent co-planarity, high-speed plating and very low deposit roughness.
  • Can be utilized with an appropriate oxidation protection coating.
  • Can be used anode systems.

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MIG/CO2 Multi Line Copper Wire Coating Line

Key Points :

  • High speed unified copper coating line.
  • High-speed continuous drawing.
  • Provide a modern high-speed, which is simple in function.


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