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Wet Type Wire Drawing Machine

We offer Wet type Wire Drawing Machine to draw wires from Ferrous Metals, Metal Compounds, and Non-Ferrous Metals. Our machines are appropriate for rapid illustration are accessible with discretionary swiveling Kick the bucket Holders, Tungsten Carbide Cone Rings for long administration life, extraordinary Grease Cooling Framework and completely movable leave Pass on Holders. Accessible in various Capstan Measurements and Spool Sizes, these Wet type Wire Drawing Machines have multi-shaft and multi-bite the dust blend, which suit best with oil-based ointments. We additionally give finish extras and extras parts and in addition handcrafting to address customers' issues.

Key Features:
  • Bolster cone or all illustration cone plans
  • Submerged oil or sprinkle grease alternatives
  • For drawing Mellow Steel, Carbon Steel, and so on
  • Re-Dissemination of ointment is performed

Wet Drawing Machine with Spooler

  • Usage:Other, Industrial
  • Product Type:Wet Drawing Machine with Spooler

Aluminium Alloy Rod Breakdown Machine

  • Product Type:Aluminium Alloy Rod Breakdown Machine
  • Usage:Other, Industrial

Intermediate Aluminium Wire Drawing Machines

  • Product Type:Intermediate Aluminium Wire Drawing Machines
  • Usage:Other

Wet Drawing Machine with Coiler

  • Product Type:Wet Drawing Machine with Coiler
  • Usage:Other

Wet Drawing Machine

  • Usage:Other
  • Warranty:01 year
  • Product Type:Wet Drawing Machine
  • Wire Material:Steel wire

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