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Mechanical Wire Descaler

Mechanical Wire Descalers are utilized in accordance with wire attracting gear request to clean pole and wire of its factory scale and surface rust. These unit clean the pole or wire before participate in the wire drawing machine, in this manner enhancing draw capacity and decreasing pass on wear by methods for a smooth and clean wire. Such a unit dispenses with the need to artificially descale the wire in a past/isolate process. The brushing units of Mechanical Wire Descalers are likewise reasonable to expel lingering oils or garbage by execution of different less grating brushes.

Key Features:
  • Earth Well disposed of No synthetic concoctions
  • Little Impression - Unit possesses little space
  • Smooth wire decreases abrasion on the die
  • Oil holds fast well to descaled and brushed wire
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Sanding Descaler

Key Points :

  • Accoutered with two-roller flyer system.
  • Render a clean wire rod surface.
  • Insure the best surface conditioning of wire rod. 

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Mechanical Descaling Machine

Key Points :

  • Subsequent wire brushing.
  • Clean up the rod or wire prior to their entrance in machine.
  • Modify draw ability. 

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Carbon Steel Wire Rod Machine

Key Points :

  • Appropriate solution for making Low / High carbon steel wire rods.
  • Has scale dust aspiration system.
  • Offered with inlet as well as outlet wire guides.

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Steel Wire Rod Pretreatment Line

Key Points :

  • Steel wire surface cleaning line provided with modern technology.
  • Obviate utilization of large sized open acid pickling tanks.
  • Operational efficiency with needed speed.


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